4 Reasons why Rovin Jain wants you to take up a sport now!

Rovin Jain, GM – IT and Supply Chain, RWL Healthworld Ltd (Fortis Healthworld), on the benefits of regularly participating in a sporting activity. By Pooja Paryani

For Rovin Jain his passion for IT is second to his passion for sports. He participates in at least five sporting activities every week and is always looking for ways to add more. “I’ve been into sporting activities since the time I could walk!” says Rovin. “As a child I’d play table tennis, badminton, run, skate, swim, the list goes on. I’ve always enjoyed physical activities and that has not changed in all these years. At no point have I ever not played a sport.

“Work of course keeps me very busy, but I make sure to take out some time for myself for a physical activity every day. I run every day, play lawn tennis three days a week, table tennis two to three times a week, and go for skating and swimming on the weekend. Three months ago I got interested in golf and now play that as well with my CIO friends.

“My family also joins me in these activities. I learnt lawn tennis thanks to my daughter who wanted me to play with her. My wife is my running and walking partner. These activities have multiple benefits; they promote good health and fitness, help you de-stress, improve self-confidence, and help bring us closer together as a family. We’ve recently shifted in to a gated community that has a tennis court, swimming pool, garden, playground and lots of open space so we don’t have to travel far to get our daily fix.

“Here are some of the reasons why I advocate everyone take up at least one sporting activity.”

1. It increases mental resilience
“Any sport involves winning and losing, but winning all the time isn’t possible. So participating in a competitive sport makes a person psychologically strong so as to accept the defeats and wins with dignity and positivity. You increase your mental stamina as well so that you can weather the defeats and work towards the wins. You learn patience, to pace yourself. Sports also teach you how to focus your efforts and concentrate for better results. This helps in all aspects of life.”

2. You learn the value of hard work
“Sports teach you that hard work always pays off. You need to work hard to achieve your goals; nothing is provided on a platter. And no matter how good you are in any stream, there’s always room for improvement. It isn’t always about beating your opponent, it could be about beating your own score or performance, about giving yourself more challenging tasks.”

3. Leads to a better quality of life
“Any type of physical activity keeps you fit and healthy, and improves your quality of life. The healthier your body the less likely you are to fall ill and have to deal with physical and mental illnesses. Keeping your immune system strong is very important so as not fall prey to climatic changes. Physical activities also keep your body weight under control and keep you away from lifestyle diseases like diabetes and high blood pressure.”

4. You learn to take risks
“When I started skating I realised it was quite risky as you could fall easily. If you don’t follow the right technique you can injure yourself severely. So I took the chance, practised a lot and mastered how to do it. This encouraged me to take on risks later in life as well. Everything new is risky, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t do it.” 

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