4 hottest fitness trackers

Our guide to the most popular activity trackers in the market. Pick one that works for you. By Pavitra Sampath

Fitness trackers have quickly become a must-have luxury. With their multi-tasking features, they are a handy tool for those who like to make the most of their day and their gadgets. If you are in the market for an activity tracker that is top of the line, here’s a list to steer you in the right direction.


#1 FitBit Charge HR
If you are new to the world of fitness trackers, this latest FitBit tracker is perfect for you. It tracks your heart rate, resting heart rate, workouts, calories burnt, floors climbed, steps taken, sleep patterns and so much more. Put it in exercise mode to record workout information and see detailed summaries on your smartphone. You can sync it to your smartphone and computer to save data for later. And when synced with compatible devices it even has caller ID facility.
Price: Rs 12,999


#2 Jawbone UP3
Updated with the latest firmware, Jawbone went ahead and made some essential changes to its earlier version of the same fitness tracker. Packed with several great features, it has a sleep tracker that collects data about your blood pressure, respiration rate, body temperature and galvanic skin response to distinguish between REM, light and deep sleep. Its Smart Alarm wakes you at the most optimal time in your sleep cycle. There’s a personalised Smart Coach that’s like a personal trainer on your wrist. There’s also a heart rate monitor that tracks both your active and passive heart rates, and an activity tracker that helps you in your quest to either maintain or lose weight.
Price: Rs 14,999


#3 Misfit Shine 2
A fitness and sleep tracker, this tracker is made of aircraft grade aluminium and glass reinforced polycarbonate, and waterproof up to 50 metres, making it perfect if you love to swim. It measures steps taken, distance covered, calories burned and activity types. It also tracks your sleep cycles and allows you to set an alarm that will wake you when you are in the lightest state of sleep. You can also use the Misfit Link to play music, take a selfie, and interact with Internet services and other smart devices. It also provides alerts for calls and texts. Its battery life is six months, after which it can be replaced.
Price: Rs 9,990


#4 Microsoft Band 2
With a curved Oled display, the Microsoft Band 2 is the new and improved version of its predecessor the Microsoft Band. Available in three sizes (large, medium and small), this band is packed with features that monitor your sleep, heart rate, and activities like running, biking and golf. Sync it with your phone to receive and reply to text messages, preview emails, take notes, set reminders and receive calendar notifications. This is a great fitness tracker for multi-taskers.
Price: $250 (roughly Rs 17,200) 

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