4 health and fitness retreats in India

It’s time you took your fitness journey away from the gym and straight to these holistic resorts.
By Shweta Gandhi

Staying in shape is important for the body, but don’t miss out on keeping your mind and soul in shape too. For complete relaxation of all three, head to one of these fitness resorts for your next vacation.

Shin Shiva Resort,Kerela

Shin Shiva Resort, Kerala
Close to scenic Kovalam beach, the Shin Shiva Resort primarily focuses on a traditional form of Indian medicine—Ayurveda. This is a no-frills place as the sole focus is on healing. It offers treatments for various ailments from arthritis to mental issues. It also provides therapeutic packages for general rejuvenation and beauty care (try their oil treatment), while also conducting yoga and meditation sessions. Try the yoga here, which focuses on chakra healing, and bring yourself to a state of oneness with all that exists.


Himalayan Mountaineering Institute, Darjeeling
Fancy a trek in the Himalayas? Located at an altitude of 6,800 feet, the Himalayan Mountaineering Institute offers just that. Established to promote the science and art of mountaineering, the institute provides professional training courses for those looking to climb the highest of mountains, while also providing short courses for mountaineering and adventure activities. If you’re happen to visit in winter, a variety of winter sports and water sports welcome you.


Gokarna Forest Resort, Gokarna
For golf lovers, Gokarna Forest Resort will prove to be a recreational golfing dream come true—spread over 140 acres and 4,550 feet above sea level, the golf course offers 18 holes. Nature will be your inspiration here with lush green grass, unyielding forests, majestic Himalayan hills and winding streams that will serve as your surroundings. Expect to spot the occasional deer and monkey running around in this enchantingly serene sanctuary.


1 On 1 Fitness Holidays, Kodaikanal
Take in refreshing oxygen as you exercise early morning in picturesque surroundings. This is a boot camp for novices as well as professionals and provides different packages ranging from 3 days to 30 days. Their training methods include cardio (walking, jogging, cross-fit, cycling, trekking, agility drills), circuit training, boxing, yoga and weight training. They promise sustainable weight loss and also provide a schedule to follow once you’re back home.

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