10 cool new Android apps for April

Here are some of the latest, hot apps for your Android smartphone or tablet, fresh off the Google Play Store. By Shweta Gandhi

#1 Basket
If you want all your online videos, reading material and other useful links in one place, download Basket. It allows you to save anything you’d like to view at a later date and categorise them. Later, you can access them even if you don’t have Internet. Share items with friends and colleagues, switch between different reading modes, and set labels to easily search for items again.

#2 DroidID
This is for those who have a Mac but an Android phone. The app allows you to unlock your Mac with your Android device’s fingerprint sensor rather than typing out a long password. It unlocks your Mac when it is sleeping or has a screensaver running and you can resume by simply moving the mouse or pressing a key. It’s similar to the MacID app on iOS.

#3 HOUND Voice Search & Assistant
Hound is a voice assistant application. It is just like the Android version of Siri. It helps you search by using your voice, and gives extremely fast responses. You can ask about the weather, local restaurants, navigation, hotel searches, make phone calls and send text messages handsfree. Just say ‘Ok Hound’ to begin.

#4 Trello
Trello is a management tool where you can create a space to arrange all your workflow. Create boards to organise whatever you’re working on, whether it is a solo project or a collaboration. You can also add to-do checklists, assign tasks, attach files from Google Drive and Dropbox, and reply to comments. It’s a handy replacement for Evernote, especially since it’s great for team projects.

#5 Viva Video
This is an easy-to-use video editor and movie maker. Create your video story with professional editing tools where you can add text, FX, stickers, music and subtitles. Trim and merge video clips, insert slow, fast motion or reverse effect and play with filters. There are also creative camera lenses depending on the effect you’re looking for. So get set to impress your friends and family with your editing skills.

#6 PhotoDirector Photo Editor App
This app is a great substitute for Photoshop. Through its photo editing skills you can create professional quality artwork from an ordinary picture by adjusting its RGB with a visual histogram. You can apply white balance, change saturation, adjust brightness, darkness, exposure and contrast too. Play around with the settings to create that perfect photograph.

#7 F.lux
This is a colour-adjusting app for your phone and computer screens. It reduces the blue light emitted during night-time usage to soothe tired eyes. This reduces the strain and discomfort on your eyes and ultimately helps you sleep better. F.lux is something you can use till your phone gets a night-time mode.

#8 Remente
Remente is a personal development app that you can use to exercise your mind. Use their courses to improve your mental health by setting goals, tracking your progress, and identifying plans to get there. Observe your habits, practice mindfulness and become a better leader with the help of this tool.

#9 Google Handwriting Input
Now you can handwrite your way into your phone. With 87 languages recognisable, Google Handwriting Input allows you to write or draw while supporting printed and cursive writing, without the help of a stylus. No matter how bad your handwriting is, this app can recognise what you’re writing.

#10 Mindly
Mindly is another organisational app that lets you organise your inner universe. You can capture your ideas and thoughts while creating plans and projects without worrying about losing track of progress. It acts as a mind mapping tool that lets you catch scattering thoughts and brainstorm while removing unnecessary clutter from your life. 

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