10 apps every iPhone user must have

Simplify your life with these quirky iOS apps. By Shweta Gandhi

#1 Pacifica
If you are prone to depression and mood swings, then this app will prove really beneficial to you. It provides you with holistic tools based on Cognitive Behavioural Therapy which can help you track your moods and other habits that may be leaving you stuck in emotional hydraulics. Pacifica can also help you in tapping into the state of mindfulness and inner peace.

#2 Keyboard Sound
Bored of the same old sound your keyboard makes when you’re typing? Well, here’s a solution—Keyboard Sound lets you customise the sounds your iPhone’s keyboard keys make when you’re typing, as well as the theme of the keyboard. So the next time you’re typing and your iPhone is producing a cooler tone, you’ll know why your friends are looking at you!

#3 Organizer – All Your Photos In The Right Place
This app is a true cheat-code— it gives you the option to manipulate the location tag, the time and date metadata on all your photos. Now, you can easily find the one picture you were looking for amidst the thousands of pictures synced on your device, simply by searching for the place information.

#4 The New Yorker Today
The New Yorker is one of the best American portals of intellectual reportage, criticism, commentary, fiction, satire, cartoons and poetry. This app allows you to see selected picks from the magazine, website and blog, giving you a constant feed of interesting content to read about.

#5 1Password
If you turn into a klutz only when it comes to remembering passwords, 1Password is the saviour you’re missing in your life. The app remembers all your passwords and sensitive information—credit card number, Gmail password, online banking password—and keeps it safe and secure. All this info is hidden behind one password that only you know, and probably the only one you need to remember.

#6 Nanu
This is the latest app to take on Viber—it lets you conduct free calls to everyone, everywhere. Users can place landline calls to 48 countries, out of which 20 also support calling between mobiles. Of course, calling between Nanu users is devoid of any restrictions—all you need is a fast internet connection.

#7 VLC for Mobile
Yes, your favourite media player is finally on iPhones, iPads and iPod Touch. Now you can play all your movies, songs and shows in majority of the formats without any conversion issues. It also lets you sync your files from various Cloud compatible sites like Dropbox and Google Drive while also allowing you to stream directly through the web.

#8 Wunderlist: To-Do List & Tasks
This is one of the best apps which specialises in to-do lists, and if you’re someone who loves to check items off a list, then this app will prove much helpful to you. Whether it’s planning a holiday, sharing a shopping list with your friend, or working through multiple work projects, Wunderlist and its to-do lists covers it all.

#9 Pushbullet
Pushbullet gives you the option to view your iPhone’s notifications and messages directly on your Mac or PC, and lets you send texts, share links, and even forward files from the computer. Now, never miss a call or message from your friends; use the keyboard to chat faster and comfortably.

#10 Retrospecs
Retrospecs is a retro computing or pixel art camera app that allows you to literally go back in time and lets you convert your pictures into how they would look on a computer in the ‘70s, ‘80s and ‘90s. Mess with the different styles, filters and cropping designs and edit your picture into a unique look that is sure to stand out. 

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